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Minutia @ DDT Studio

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These are some shots taken during the rehearsal process of Minutia

Minutia follows the story of Jason and Medea, through their meeting at Colchis when Jason and his argonauts are after the golden fleece, to their return to overthrow King Pelias, to their tragedy in Corinth made famous by Euripides.


'I think the music sounds kind of...Spanish, in parts...' 


3 scripts / a concept script / an episodic script / elements of set.



"We create this miniature city, this urban world; each Greek island a different part of the city; sports stadium, tenement block, industrial site.  We give them the sounds and the stories...and we encourage the actors make the theatre from this world..."



'It's like a toy world, a miniature world.  The whole world for these two people exists is in this small room...' 



'It's a classic failed love story.  They meet in their prime, they share adventures and help each other out of situations they both want out of, then they settle. But, the relationship doesn't evolve from there, it stagnates, they want different things. It dies, Jason wants the trophy wife, Medea won't move from her world, and the rest is...blood-soaked...'

Minutia at DDT Studio. 541 High St. Northcote.