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Minutia @ DDT Studio
About Us

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The Artists on Minutia.

Minutia was created out of the desire of director Christian Leavesley and designer Phil Rolfe to create a process of theatre deriving from a design and directorial concept. Much theatre uses a written text as its primary motivation. Other times theatre is devised as an exploration of a theme or in response to an issue.

Leavesley and Rolfe were attempting to create the design and directorial concepts primarily, then allow the dialogue to be generated from there.

Our History

Leavesley and Rolfe are both graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, where they met. Prior to the VCA Leavesley came through Theatre Studies at Monash University and Rolfe through visual arts at the ANU.

The actors in Minutia are also graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts. Steinborner came through the Animateuring Program and Saunders graduated from the acting stream.

All of the company of Minutia have worked together in different combinations on past projects. This is the first time the four of them have all come together in collaboration.

DDT Studio * 541 High Street * Northcote * Victoria * Australia