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Minutia @ DDT Studio

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Welcome to the web site of "Minutia"

We have just finished our third season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 2004. We got 4 stars from the Adelaide Advertiser, who called the show, "Daringly original," which we love.
Fans of the Minutia Project can look out for our newest show "Gilgamesh," which will premiere at the Next Wave Festival at Federation Square. The Minutia Project forms part of the work of the newly named company Uncle Semolina and Friends.

Minutia originally played at DDT on March 8,9 & 14,15,16 & 21,22,23 with a preview on March 7, 2002.

All performances were at 8.00pm.


There was a follow-up season approximately three weeks later.  Feel free to read about the show here.  Phil and Christian are working on  follow-up concepts.  We'll post our development here as we go!!


"Minutia" was the first show stemming from the collaboration of Christian Leavesley, Phil Rolfe and actors James Saunders and Naomi Steinborner.

...Epic theatre in miniature...


"Minutia" tells the love story of Jason and Medea, from their meeting in the excitement of youth to their destruction in the tedium of responsibility and obligation.

The piece was developed over a period of six months, from three independent scripts. Rolfe and Leavesley developed a concept script of images and sounds, rendering the Greek myth to a series of urban landscapes. Then they developed an episodic script of who did what when. The third script is unique set of miniature buildings and figurines created by Rolfe. Then, actors Saunders and Steinborner were given the scripts and the set to play in. Through an intensive workshop period the scenes and the dialogue were created.

The result is a truly unique telling of the classic story of failing love. Check out the pictures, browse through our descriptions of the process, but most importantly, come to DDT studio to experience it.

We NEED your feedback. Please email us about the site or especially the show if you've seen it.

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